Frequently Asked Questions

This is entirely your choice. As you will be well aware there are numerous options to dress your windows with but please ensure you are happy with your decision before ordering as we go home at the end of the day but you have to live with your new window dressing.

We pride ourselves on our consultative approach to all our projects and we can help with suggestions and give you direction so that you can then make the most informed decision. Firstly you should consider the hanging system – pole, track, pelmet, or blinds (roller, Roman, or Venetian to name a few).

Once this is settled we will then be able to guide you as to the best next step based on the individual window and your requirements.

It depends on the look you are after, but the majority of the time we would recommend this option as not only does it give a more opulent and cosy feel to the window it can also help to insulate it from the cold and noise.

Yes we do, we also provide a site survey service that is free of charge should you choose to use our making services (survey fee refunded against the project cost).

All products are made in our workshop here in the UK. Our customers have come to expect the highest standards from us and we maintain this by keeping the work ‘in-house’.

Normally we are provided with the face cloth by the client and cannot control the ethical origin, however most of our wooden Venetian blinds use FSA approved wood sources.

The heading is the type/style of pleating used on the top of the curtain to gather the fabric up. There are many types, French, Pencil Pleat, Rufflette, Wave and Goblet to name just a few. Some of the Headings utilise a tape to get the effect desired (Pencil Pleat or Wave) while others are pleated by hand (Goblet and French Heading).

We carry a limited amount of pattern books but can work with our clients to source and utilise fabrics of their choice if they have a specific one in mind.

Simply put there isn’t one. It all comes down to personal choice and style. The only recommendation we would make is that not to use silk on any windows that receive a lot of sunlight as the silk will degrade very fast. We would also recommend the same for any fabrics with strong colour as sustained exposure to light will bleach the colour out.
Yes we are able to bespoke make most soft furnishings. Please contact us with your ideas/designs and we will be able help you.